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sumtyms we're not looking for someone hu has everything but someone hu has tym to spend w/ us more dan anything ------------------ Have you ever realized that when people say you've changed, it's just because you've stopped living your life...THEIR way??? ------------------- pasaway tlga ang puso.. sbing wag un cge pa rn! sbing tama na 2loy p rn! cnu nga bang 22ong pasaway? puso... [Read More]

[part1] Tagalog Quotes

1. kpg ikaw sad.. and2 lng me, kpg away k nla awy q cla ala me pkialam kng mdmi mng kaaway q, bsta alm q ur spcl kya ayw q msktan k.. kc mahal kta eh 2. an angel askd me ‘bkit ka sad?’ thinkng of u i answrd ‘kc mis ko na sya e’.. den i heard d angel giggle..... [Read More]
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